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Mark's intention with DREADED LIGHT was to create a feature film that could be considered to be both a horror/drama but also at least an attempt to be authentic in the way it explores the theme of life after physical death. During his extensive research in the field every Spiritualist he met told him they had never seen a feature film that conveyed their beliefs in terms of paranormal/spirit elements. In fact they usually avoided them because they found them so offensive. He was met with suspicion and some even refused to speak to him in anticipation of this film being as offensive to them as the others in the paranormal horror sub-genre. He has tried to cater for fans of horror/drama and also the Spiritualist community. 


He didn't even know Spiritualism existed as a recognised religion before he started this project. He went on to discover that they have 300+ churches in the UK alone. He hopes some of them see the film. While he knows not all of them will like it (just like not all horror/drama fans will like it). He hopes as many as possible will believe him when he says that this is his best effort attempt to reflect their beliefs with respect and in an authentic and non offensive way.

Dreaded Light - 11x16 APPROVED - cdd.png
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