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Like ‘drama-therapy’ for people who usually have no interest in either. Anonymous-Drama contains elements of both ‘Psycho-Drama’ and also ‘Drama-Therapy’ but the main difference is that all of the work is done ‘in character’ using fiction by proxy as a safety net making the environment less emotionally charged / triggering.

No sharing of surnames or personal details (doesn’t apply to before/after session or during breaks etc). Participants are asked to select a character name the first time they attend (don’t give reason for selecting that name). This means that during selected games and exercises (they are using character names) so no one should know the difference between what is lived experience and what is fiction. This creates a unique space unlike anything else participants have access to.

For more info on Anonymous-Drama three core programmes (1 - Recovering Voices = adults in alcohol / drug recovery 2 -Roads to Change = adults in justice system  3 - Something to Say = Young people at risk of entering justice system) Visit CCC website (Mark is Project Director). 


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